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WHY should you clean your air ducts and HVAC system?

Just take a look at the registers and grills of your duct work throughout the hpuse. If dust is builtup either on or inside of the registers, it is highly recommended to bring a professional Heating Ventilation and Air contractor to properly evaluate and inspect all the duct work.

The value of cleaning your air ducts is two-fold:

1. Healthy Home and Life: A buildup of dust, debris and bacteria is common if your ducts have not been cleaned in over 12 months. Some factors that may cause your ducts to need a cleaning sooner include smoking residents the presence e of pets and home remodeling tat cause the buildup of dirt in the vents, I n addition, any water damage in the HVACs system or home can cause mold and mildew to build, requiring the ducts to be cleaned fully.

2. Energy Savings: THE EPA showed in their research that cleaning out the ducts of the HVAC system make them more efficient. The debris buildup can make the system work harder to achieve the same results! Also Clean systems are much less likely to breakdown when working constantly in the summer and winter seasons!

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