Quick Air Duct Cleaning did an amazing job cleaning my vents and returns. They came in the time period that they promised, cleaned everything with in two hours and left my house looking as clean as when they came. Samira B. Heidelberg, TX
So I never take phone calls from solicitors, but I sure am glad I did with this one! They came over to do a duct cleaning and discovered a plethora of mildew in my air ducts (not proud of this). First I thought "oh here comes the bait and switch", but they were right. They took the picture of it in front of me there so I knew it was not a scam. I've seen enough of those pictures to know that I needed the service. Matter of fact, the before and after picture on their yelp page looks alot like my ducts! Instead of the duct cleaning they did the mildew removal. They didn't pressure me, they were courteous, professional and very informative; I liked that they use organic products too. When they did my dryer vent it was like a snow storm. We get so busy in our lives that air duct and dryer vent cleanings, while critical to good health, often fall way down the priority list (at least for me). I like that they will come out for the next three years to ensure all the mildew is gone and they will spray each time they come to keep it gone. I suffer with allergies, as does my family, and I am thrilled to have had this service. Mo and Eden were a pleasure to work with and they are about as good as it gets with professionalism and friendliness. Definitely hire them to do the job. Christina E. McAllen, TX
Last Friday I had carpet cleaning in my apartment . I have 2 bedroom. They did the job very fast that didn't affect anything else i did at the same day. They was able to remove spots & stains. Live me with clean house and big smile. The price was affordable. I highly recommend to use there servisices. Thank you very much. Rona L. Pharr, TX
You guys work magic! We had an old rug ruined by furniture indentations and stains and were about to throw it out. You came highly recommended and boy was it deserved... not only did you fill in the indentations so completely (in fact we can't for the life of us see where they were), but the rug looks brand new and is even softer than before. Thanks so much for your beautiful work. Melanie Edinburg, TX

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